Sunday, June 27, 2010

I lost 6 pounds!

Is that even possible in one week? I'm thinking that a lot of it is probably water, but still... It was wonderful to see the 170s winking back at me from the scale this morning. I can't wait to see my old friend the 160s again.

Anyway, I haven't posted all my workbook entries out here this week, but I've done a good job sticking to my plan. It was extremely hard a few times, but I never regret the decision to STAY ON MY FREAKIN' PLAN!!! I should try to remember that. I never lay in bed thinking, "oh, how I wish I would have tasted a large quantity of that chocolate mousse tonight!" But Lord knows I've spent countless hours crying over the food I did eat and the plans I abandoned. I don't want to do that to myself anymore.

I'm in the process of moving (across town), and so I had to deal with the bins of lovely clothes I've mentioned. My clothes are roughly organized into totes by size. I've got the 14s (which are close; my 16s are getting loose, thank goodness), the 12s, the 10s and 8s... And.. last but not least... I have 2-3 totes full of size 6's. I haven't been able to wear those clothes for a while (umm... 5 years maybe, and that was short lived), but of course, I love them.

I want to be able to wear my clothes. It may seem trivial to some, but you have no idea how bad I want that. It really motivates me.

Some of these items have never even been worn and still have the tags attached. I feel a strange mixture of sadness, longing, self-disgust, and hope when I look at them.

Oh, in one case, I saw that I have the same pair of brown Banana Republic slacks in 4 sizes: 16, 14, 12, and 10. When I realized that as I was packing yesterday, I actually laughed aloud. It's too absurd for words.

At my ideal weight, I am a 6-7. My lovely clothes are waiting....


  1. Congratulations on your 6lb loss!!! That is sooo awesome!!! Isn't it the best feeling knowing you stuck to your plan and it worked?! I love that feeling!!

    Great work! :-D

  2. Of course it's possible! That's a great loss, congratulations!

  3. Thank you, Eve and Blossom!! I am so happy about it. Eve, I agree that it's the best feeling... and I hope it keeps working!

  4. Hey, I remember you, you were one of my first blogger friends. I've been inactive on the blogging for quite some time, but trying to reconnect with folks again. Hope all is well.

  5. Just seeing this for the first time. And I am wondering how you are doing now?